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Post Production

for Commercials and Movies

Anchor Steven Ardal
Steven Ardal.jpg
Steven Ardal

EP | Director | VFX Producer

Steven has over 20 years of post production experience. Coming from a technical background Steven is gifted when it comes to planning the best workflows to deliver complex projects on time and on budget. Always keen to be at the forefront of technology Stevens’ credits include VFX for commercials, future films, and music videos. Steven oversees the technical quality of Red Rocket Production and applies an innovative and creative use of all forms of broadcast technology to achieve pioneering media workflows' within both a production and a post production environment.

Aleksey Tsvelodub.jpg
Alex Tsvelodub

Director of Photography

As he has been in the film industry for more than 18 years, he has gained great experience and completed a lot of commercials, music videos, and film projects. We have accomplished many major projects with Alex's participation.

Anchor Aleksey Tsvelodub
Denis Firstov.jpg
Denis Firstov

Director of Photography

Many videos, adverts and corporal content – that is something happening in his life every day. Very young, Danis has already made a full-length film.

Anchor Denis Firstov
Denis Yakimchuk.jpg
Denis Yakimchuk

Director of Photography

Denis is an art photographer and cinematographer, PADI Certified recreational diver and underwater cinematographer. He never became seduced to just copy someone’s style but always could evolve himself freely. He has developed a keen feeling for the precise interplay of location and action that works for a great picture.