Video Production
Red Rocket Pro

We perform the full cycle of production:


  • Pre-production

  • Shooting

  • Supervising of project on the post production stage


Today no one will be impressed to hear about exquisite foreign specialists. Our producers have been on the different markets for quite a while, therefore we can offer a creative project of any caliber, within any budget, requirement or scale. During the years of productive work we have worked in all spheres of video:


  • TV Commercials

  • Viral video

  • Corporal content

  • Music video


We deal with different budgets and tasks of different scale, and we are ready to offer correspondent to the project artistic staff.

Red Forsage Pro

As we have worked on film and advertising projects and designed TV channels, we are capable of fast extend number of CG - specialists for tackling complex tasks. We conduct projects by means of the special software allowing to unite skilled niche specialists from different countries.

There is not a  stage of production we haven’t  managed to execute:


  • Motion Design

  • Compositing/VFX

  • 3D Modeling

  • Color Grading

  • VFX Supervising


We consider above all in this business is an ability to offer proper technological solutions.  Processing of the filmed material is a laborious and expensive process. Correctly made decision allow attaining the desired result in the required terms and of proper quality. For the management of projects, we use special soft Cerebro.

Red Ignition Pro

The world around is changing very quickly. Every year more and more projects are placed on the Internet.  But this type of activity is based exceptionally on technology. Integration of CG- specialists, copywriters, and stage-directors allows solving set tasks effectively and visualizing within the scopes of your requirement.

We are interested in the integration with our clients in the area of technological decisions, and scenario and game development oriented toward the modern interactive decisions.

Our comprehensive experience and knowledge of digital technologies will be particularly useful in the development of modern and powerful visual decisions for you and your clients. Not only can we film something you imagined but also offer you an effective solution utilizing modern digital technologies.

Sound and Music
Red Sound Pro

A sound is frequently not less important than video.  Any project requires high quality musical and sound arrangement. To record an interview or original music to an epic movie is possible. We have maintained a productive cooperation with a range of prominent composers from different countries.