About us

Steven Ardal

EP/Director/VFX Supervisor

Within 18 years he advanced from an illustrator to the stage-director. Steven began his career at the end of the 90s being a CG artist. He has worked in different studios as a 3d designer,  a motion - artist, a composer and a VFX Supervisor for more than 10 years.



Zoya Skya


Experienced in marketing and film finance. Zoya is eagerly working to produce short, commercial, TV, and feature films.


Irina Gaidamaka

Postproduction Producer

Irina the postproduction producer of the European office of RedRocket Production company. She has started working for leading post production companies more than 10 years ago. Her job gave many years of experience in the production of CG for commercials and for international markets.

Denis Yakimchuk

DoP | Photografer| Underwater

Having started as a professional fashion photographer, he has worked in various markets and has been engaged in large international projects. Today he is a professional camera man as well as a certified diver capable of underwater filming.


Aleks Tsvelodub


As he has been in the industry for more than 16 years, he has gained a great experience and completed a lot of advertising, musical and film projects. Our association has accomplished many major projects with his participation.


Denis Firstov


Many videos, adverts and corporal content – that is something happening in his life every day. Very young, Danis has already made a full-length film.



Tomash Lukach

Composer | Sound Designer

He has devoted his whole life to music. A professional sound producer, he has worked with many major artists on a lot of famous albums. Tomash is a professional guitarist.


Daniil Fastovets

Photographer | Drone Pilot

His main specialization is operating different flying devices for aerial shooting.


Maria Em


Exquisite taste, sharp eye and inspired composition – all that distinguishes the works of this young film director.


We are a new creative association of young and talented people among whom are film directors, supervisors, producers, camera men and designers.  


Many of you know us through our works and every of us has been in the industry for quite a while. Our experience accounting for hundreds of production days with plenty of finished videos and hundreds of hours of filmed material. Every of us devoted many years of life to the video production industry. Our experience, knowledge, skills and creative approach are our main resource.